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Scher law is a national leader
in employment, human rights, disability insurance,
civil litigation, health and Administrative law for 25 years.


Scher Law is a law firm dedicated to the practice of civil litigation, particularly employment law, human rights and administrative law.

Scher Law has a particular focus on employment, personal injury, short-term and long-term disability insurance claims. Canada Pension Plan disability claims, health and Constitutional law, as well as family and estate litigation.

Our firm has extensive experience representing both employees and employers in non-unionized and unionized work settings to address complex labour and employment law disputes including terminations, severance packages, wrongful dismissals, human rights, harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace.

Our firm has been involved in some of the leading litigation in employment, disability, health, human rights and constitutional law. We have established a reputation for strong and effective advocacy at all levels of court and tribunal including the Supreme Court of Canada.

We have unique experience representing employees with complex and often invisible disabilities such as Chronic Pain conditions, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME/FM and Depression in complex disability insurance and personal injury litigation and employment law.

We also have significant experience representing individuals before every level of Court and Tribunal in a wide array of civil and administrative law disputes.

Scher Law has extensive experience in long-term disability insurance and personal injury litigation and particularly in the relationship between disability insurance law and employment law.

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