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Scher Law and Hugh Scher are Canadian leaders in employment and labour law. Scher Law is regularly called upon to advise senior executives, managers, technology workers, human resource professionals, disabled and injured workers on a wide variety of labour and employment matters.

Scher Law is a recognized leader in employment, disability and human rights law with extensive experience representing individuals, executives, employers and unions in employment and labour law, human rights and disability insurance claims.

We are leaders in bringing innovative approaches to resolving rights disputes.  We are proven and effective advocates before Boards of Arbitration, Labour and Human Rights Tribunals, disciplinary tribunals involving organized professionals and all levels of Court.

We bring our breadth of litigation experience beyond labour and employment law to bear on the resolution of employment and labour disputes.

Our firm members have advised, counseled, and represented senior executives and individuals about employment issues.  This includes advice about wrongful dismissals, terminations, resignations, severance packages as well as employment contracts, human rights and disability claims.

We are regularly called upon to advise employees about the fairness and reasonableness of job offers and terms of employment, as well as with respect to issues of notice and severance upon termination or wrongful dismissal.

We have experience in both unionized and non-unionized work environments and have represented individuals, unions and employers in complex labour relations disputes.

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