3 Things to Keep In Mind after Being Fired

3 Things to Keep In Mind after Being Fired

Being fired is a terrible emotional blow and it can often be extremely difficult to move on. So much of who we are as individual arises from the jobs we hold. So much of the way we define ourselves is based on “what we do” for a living. It isn’t surprising that getting fired is often described as one of life’s most stressful and devastating events.”

It is easy to become overwhelmed so we wanted to share our advice on the way to best respond to getting fired and moving on in a positive and constructive manner.

  • While being fired, stay professional and be above reproach

The most essential moment after being fired comes during the termination call or meeting. You may get a phone call all of a sudden or get called into a meeting with an HR representative or your boss. It is hard not to feel ambushed or attacked. Lawfully speaking, to fire you, no employer has to provide you with a specific reason, which often can be extremely annoying and distressing.

There are numerous ways an employer can say you have been fired, laid off, terminated, let go, dismissed, downsized, relieved, eliminated, restructured, outsourced, released, severed, asked to resign. “Security!” Some ways are kinder than others.

You may believe that your termination is totally unjustified or that it is discrimination under the Human Rights Code or an act of reprisal for insisting on your employment law rights. You may be absolutely right.

  • After being fired, ensure to keep a positive attitude

After being let go from your job it is very simple to fall into depression, feelings of shame and sadness. We have seen people too afraid to tell their family or spouse. Often people are too overwhelmed to get out of bed. 

Don’t beat yourself up. Take the time you need to recover. In fact, the Courts have said that, after being fired, employees don’t have to immediately start looking for new work but can take some time to heal. Take a vacation and come back fresh. Ultimately you must move forward.

Conquering emotional challenges linked to getting fired isn’t easy and necessitates some grieving time. It is essential to give yourself time to feel sorry for yourself, indulge in some pamper time and prepare to get ready to shift to a positive attitude that enables you to harness the opportunities that await. It is ok to allow yourself to take the time to work through the complicated emotions.

  • Speak to an employment lawyer

We do not write such blogs to hard sell, but we simply can’t call attention to how important it is to speak with an employment lawyer as soon as possible after you have been fired. 

Being familiar with the rules employers need to follow and learning the ways to protect your rights is an important part of the recovery process after being fired. Calling an employment lawyer after being fired should be as common and natural to you as calling your insurance company after a fire, or applying for Employment Insurance.

Get in touch with Scher Law at (416) 515-9686. We know employment and human rights law. We can help you secure your rights and just entitlements after losing your job. Scher law has helped hundreds over 25 years to secure their rights and to negotiate a proper severance package. 

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